• What if •

what if was originally planned as an all german luxury brand, but then eventually it proved to difficult if not impossible to actually have german craftsmen do the work…..so little by little the concept store  idea crystallised into reality. Again as the creative director ( i was working on Pat too Pat and what if at the same time in the same office) I have created the whole look and feel of the brand/store. My main inspiration were the boutiques in Paris such as Colette or l’eclaireur, Pinterest also played a significant role in providing the latest trends in all fields.


I did all the illustrating, designing, corporate design , I have sourced most of the lifestyle products and played a significant role in the interior design

What if carries a selection of leather products designed by me, for example the jackets with amazing gold zippers and a digitally printed lining. The Store is sleek and elegant and a perfect background for all things luxurious, cire trudon candles or guaxs glassware and assouline coffeetable books….unfortunately the first store is in a relatively small town in Germany and one can just cross ones fingers that there is a big enough clientele to support the shop.. XO




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