• early summer •

Strangely these past 2 weeks have been the warmest and sunniest ever, it still gets a bit cold at night but then again it’s mid april!



so i rushed down to my basement and got all the cushions and pillows out for my little beach hut. Some old ikea curtains now act as an airy sunprotection whilst a cute kelim from H&M home rounds the whole thing up. I don’t shy away from rugs on the balcony as they really give you that nomad tent feel.

Obviously sunny sundays are a perfect setting for a trip to the local garden center, so i bought a climbing “polygonum aubertii” plant that will hopefully climb up all the collected branches and the simple wooden structure of my beachy gazebo lounge.


A nice hydrangea is a must for spring  

and the bbq grill in the background has been scrubbed and already provided a meal or two.

I love summer and I feel that life can finally get up to speed again:) 


My dog is very much enjoying the sunshine as both of us miss our old home and his birth country  of thailand very much!



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